Are you sick of all the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Videos? Well, boo freakin’ hoo.


ice bucket

Yeah, I said it. Boo-fuh-reakin’-hoo! Does someone need to call the waaaah-mbulance? I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen people bitching on my newsfeed about these videos. Things like, “Way to go America.. you’re wasting perfectly clean water while people in third world countries don’t even have water clean enough to drink.”

Oh, and the memes of course…

ice bucket meme

Um, ok. Do you water your lawn? Care to know how many gallons of water that is per day? Or do you ever take extra long showers? Oh, you do? Well, then I’m sure you are taking extra long COLD showers, right? Oh, you aren’t? Well, then that’s also wasting the energy it took to heat the water. Just SHUT UP already. Do you drive a car? Do you feel guilty because that person you just passed walking doesn’t have a car to drive? I’d be willing to bet that you don’t even give it a second thought.

Are people jumping on the bandwagon because their social media accounts have been filled with celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge videos? Probably. So what? Who cares why? The fact is they are… and from what I’ve seen it’s worked. It has raised awareness for a horrible, incurable disease that up until 2 weeks ago, I had NO IDEA what it was for the most part. How is that a bad thing? Some people have even bashed these celebs who are participating, saying that they are just doing the stupid challenge and not donating to the cause… which is absolutely NOT true. Most, if not all, have also donated large amounts.

We live in a society where celebrities have A TON of influence… good and bad… a lot of times bad. I’m just glad that on some rare occasions that influence is used for a good cause. It baffles me that so many people are just assholes about it. You know the ones… the ones that no matter what is going on, they have to criticize it. Like they are more ‘enlightened’ than the rest of us. The self proclaimed ‘social awareness experts’  the ones who use terms like ‘sheeple’. Yep, those people. The ones that look down their noses at all of these poor, pathetic, narcissistic people who are participating in these videos. Like it’s their duty to educate the rest of us poor saps. Do me, and the rest of the world a favor and take a break from your douche-baggery… get over yourself already.




Fried okra… I could live off this stuff.




This is an ‘approximate’ but very close recipe. 

3 cups okra sliced a little less than 1/4 inch thick

1/2 cup flour

A little over 1/2 cup of yellow cornmeal

1/2 cup of vegetable oil

Cast iron skillet if you have it, if not I guess that’s ok too. ;)

Heat oil on med/high heat. While your oil is heating up, pour cornmeal and flour into a gallon baggie. Add okra and shake until completely coated. Drop one piece of okra into skillet and it will sizzle when the oil is hot enough. Add okra one handful at a time shaking off excess flour/cornmeal. Stir okra really well and add salt and pepper to taste. Stir occasionally until crisp. Lower heat a smidge if you need to as it cooks. I like mine just this side of burned, but that’s me.  Enjoy. I could seriously eat the whole skillet full. I won’t… but I could.

Famous Friends…

Good friends are few and far between, but great friends are even harder to come by and I venture to say that I have some of the best friends a girl could ever ask for.  BUT… if I were to ever rub elbows with the rich and famous, here are a few of the besties I would have.. I just know it.


Sandra Bullock


Oh Sandy.. where do I start. You are the bestest. You aren’t afraid to laugh at yourself, which is a trait I admire and wish more people had. We would get along so well.. I mean, we have so much in common.  You’re a goofball… I’m a goofball.  You have dark hair, I do too. You have brown eyes… as do I.  You dated Matthew McConaughey when you were younger.. and I wanted to date Matthew McConaughey when I was younger.  You handle yourself with such dignity and grace, and at the same time you will do almost anything for a laugh. Yep, we could totally hang.


Up next…

Chelsea Handler


 This girl.. this girl right here is my alter ego. I think a little Chelsea lives in all of us.. some more than others. My inner Chelsea comes out on occasion. She’s the witty, sarcastic, the say what everyone else is thinking but they just don’t have the guts to say it themselves, kind of girl. If you ask my girl Chelsea if those jeans make you look fat, you better be ready to hear the truth. Plus, she’s hilarious.


Ok, it was a toss up for the 3rd spot.. so I decided to include them both. A girl can never have too many friends anyway, right?

Jimmy Fallon


Jimmy, you’re just a cool guy. I’m a sucker for anyone who can make me laugh and I really think we could be friends.. Have your people call my people and I’ll have you, your wife, and little Winnie over for dinner. You like goulash, right?

Blake Shelton


Blake can raid my liquor cabinet any time. We can take turns making fun of Adam’s unfortunate hair ‘incident’. We would have a lot to talk about.. he lives in Oklahoma.. so do I.  He is from Ada, Ok.. I’ve been to Ada, Ok. His wife is a dog lover.. my husband’s wife is a dog lover. Plus, we’re both Miranda Lambert fans. ;)

10 things I will never do again…

1. Eat a brussel sprout. Yep, I tried 1 on 2 separate occasions and hated them.

2. Travel the ‘Road to Hana’ in Maui. Am I glad I did it? Yes. Would I ever do it again? Hell no. I seriously thought I was going to die. It was beautiful though. I highly recommend it.


click to enlarge photo

(this photo doesn’t do it justice… that was a huge, huge drop off)

3. Shop on Black Friday. Seriously. There is nothing.. I repeat, absolutely NOTHING that I want/need that bad. I will pay triple the price to avoid that madness.

4. Voluntarily sit through The Lego Movie. I’d rather drizzle hot sauce in my eyes.

5. Ride a longhorn bull. Don’t ask.. it was for charity.

6. Staple my finger just to see what happens. Every kid did that, right?

7. Stick my finger through the straw hole in a plastic lid.. again to see what happens. Every kid did that too, right?

8. Put a mercury thermometer in a bowl of Ramen noodles just to see what happens. I think I was around 6 when I tried this. It didn’t end well.. and no, I didn’t eat them. More often the not the ‘just to see what happens’ experiments don’t end well at that age.

9. Perm my hair

10. Trust a big butt and a smile. (Sorry.. I couldn’t think of a #10, and that song is stuck in my head.”That girl is poison….”)




Here….. take my money. $$$

I’m a sucker for anything that promises to make me look better. Eye creams, wrinkle creams, ‘use this so you don’t get a wrinkle’ creams. I seriously bought stickers that you stick to your forehead to ‘iron’ out wrinkles while you sleep and keep the frown lines at bay.

frowniesThat’s all well and good if you don’t mind trying to sleep with cardboard on your face, and even risking the occasional paper cut. That’s basically all they are.. thick paper with sticky stuff on the back. Maybe I didn’t give them a fair shot, so I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away. I may try them again later out of desperation.

In my milling around on the interweb I came across Ipsy. What is Ipsy you say.. well, Ipsy is a monthly membership for beauty products to try before you buy. Well, I guess you are ‘technically’ buying them already since the membership isn’t free, but anyway… each month they send you several beauty products to try for the bargain price of $10 a month. You fill out a little questionnaire about your beauty style and hair color/skin tone/etc. and they send you products according to your answers.

My first bag was in July and I got some bronzer, a lip crayon, some eye shadow, some beach spray for hair, and a couple of other things.  That’s another thing, all of your products come it a cutesy makeup bag. The jury is still out on if it will be worth $10 each month or not.. but that’s the beauty (see what I did there ;) ) of Ipsy… you can do a month to month membership and cancel at any time. If you want to check them out and maybe try it for yourself here’s the link to their site. IPSY


Patience is NOT one my virtues…

Shopping for school supplies was always my favorite part of going back to school… I had to have cool pens, folders, binders, notebooks, etc. To this day, office supplies and stationary still make me smile. Nerdy, I know. The thing is, I have since realized I’m far from alone in my obsession.

Which brings me to what I’m afraid will be a new addiction of mine… Erin Condren Life Planners.  I bit the bullet and ordered one a little over a week ago after watching a ton of YouTube videos of people who swear by them.  I’ve always been a sucker for buying planners, only to have them sit and collect dust after a couple of weeks. I buy them with the best of intentions and never use them because they are not what I expected them to be or they are more of a hassle than they’re worth. Not to mention, I always got the kind that I had to write in all the dates myself. Who wants to do that? Not me.  Oh, but this is where Erin Condren heard my silent pleas (not really) for the perfect planner to help me get organized. I know, most people would say… “Just use your calendar on your iPhone. Duh.”  I tried that but I’m the kind of person that needs to physically write stuff down.. I will grab a random piece of paper and write something down that I’m suppose to remember, only to lose the piece of paper. I needed an intervention. These planners seriously look amaze balls. They have a ton of covers to choose from, and once you choose a design.. you can customize it. You can change the colors, add your name, a favorite quote.. really the possibilities are endless.

Here’s where the ‘patience is not one of my virtues’ comes in.  Each planner is hand assembled, so it takes roughly 3 weeks to a month before you receive it considering thousands of women everywhere are ordering these suckers.  I plan on doing a full review once I get it and I may even do my first ever video review. *Yikes!*  In the meantime, watch this video below of Erin herself walking you through her Life Planners.  If you decide you can’t live without one and want to place an order for your very own, just use my link and you can save $10 off your first order. Once you create an account at you will receive an email with your coupon code. You must use the link HERE to sign up and qualify for the $10 off code.

Blah… Winter….. I’m over it.



My temperature comfort zone… about 60-90 degrees is the sweet spot.  When the weather guy says “coldest temperatures in 3 years” are headed our way, it makes me want to punch baby rabbits…. repeatedly.  I am not made for cold weather… I hate having to wear a coat.. when the simple act of trying to put gas in the car turns you into a human popsicle, it makes me homicidal.

So while the entire state prepares for the latest arctic blast.. I’m dreaming of Spring, and counting down the days…

49 days… 1 hour.. and 25… 24… 23… 22 seconds

Things you ponder during a power outage…

As an adult, do you ever stop and try to remember the last time that you were truly carefree.. without any real worries or responsibilities? Sometimes being a responsible adult bites.  In fact, a lot of the time it bites big time!  Don’t get me wrong, I have a wonderful life.. I know that a lot of people have a lot more worries than I have.. and I am blessed.  I am thankful for my awesome little boy that brightens my whole world, a supportive, caring husband who I get along with all of the time.  Ok, those last 4 words were total BS.. not to say we aren’t wonderfully happy because we are… but if anyone tells you that they get along all of the time with anyone they share a home with, they are lying through their teeth!


Ok, sorry.. kind of trailed off there for a bit. Anywho, back to what I was saying…. There are so many things, concerns, to-do lists, nagging responsibilities, etc., that go through our minds on a daily basis. Crap, not even daily.. more like every 2 seconds. Just in the last minute I have stressed about laundry that needs to be done, how I’m going to keep my son’s 2 Leopard Geckos alive – since we lost power in the ice storm that we just had, the milk in my fridge will probably ruin, along with everything else, and many, many, other things. I know all of those worries will disappear once the power comes back on, but there are tons of other stuff I worry about just waiting in the wings until ‘go time’.  Hopefully, one of those things won’t be planning a funeral for Rango and Beans, because they fell victim to Oklahoma Icemageddon 2013.  God forbid that happen, but the crafty side of me would want to attempt little gecko sized caskets.  That could be my next tutorial! ( totally kidding BTW ;) )

(apparently I’m a little late to the Gecko casket idea.. I seriously just found this on Google images)


But that’s what got me pondering that question… I really don’t remember the last time that I had absolutely no worries at all. Of course, it’s human nature to worry, but I can’t help but wonder if the word ‘adult’ originates from the latin word meaning ‘to worry’.  I’ll have to Google that.  Well, once we get power back on anyway. ;)

And that’s another thing.. I’m ashamed at how much I rely on Google for information. (hence the above photo) That has even been a cause of a lot of my worries from time to time.  Don’t ever Google symptoms, because you’ll wind up on WebMD convinced you have cancer.  I even use Google for my spellcheck.  I have to say, most of what I google is pure nonsense. I would be embarrassed if my Google search history were to ever be made public that’s for sure.  I have even Googled ‘celebrities with herpes’ after hearing that David Beckham is rumored to have ‘the herpes’. So if you every find yourself bored and need something to occupy a couple of minutes of your time, just Google ‘celebrities with herpes’…. some are shocking, and others you are surprised that’s all they have.

Not really sure how I went from talking about the worries of responsible adults all the way to herpes, but that’s kind of how my mind works at times. ;)

*I’m happy to report that the power has been restored.. but now my Dad has pneumonia… worry, worry, worry….. thankfully it’s just a mild case and not too serious.

Growing Pains!

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