Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That….

Ok, first my disclaimer.. I am the Mom that takes pride in making little goodie bags with my son to take to class parties.. I decorate pumpkins with cute ribbon at Halloween… and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t considered (although, not for long) making my own laundry detergent.. Don’t get me wrong.. I’m a pretty crafty chick.  I enjoy a good Pinterest project as well as anyone, but… I do have my limits. Some of the things that people repin on Pinterest has me thinking.. do these people have really have time for this crap. I mean, I’m sure making your own marshmallows taste better than Stay Puft, but seriously?



By all means.. let me take 12 hours out of my day to make my own freaking sprinkles? Or spend the remaining 12 making my own confetti. I am not trying to bash those who think these projects are great.. but don’t your hands cramp up? I mean, you are stamping out all of these little tiny circles with a hole punch.. for hours.. and hours… You can stamp away if you like.. but I think I’ll just head to the party supply and buy mine thanks.


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